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BTD Bowl Bash: Sugar

The Bowl Season continues tonight with Ohio State and Arkansas in the Allstate Sugar Bowl. Below is a quick preview of the game with my pick at the end. Along with my pick, I will post the favorite and flip a coin for the game. Whichever method has the most points at the end of Bowl Season, I will use for next year's games.

Sugar Bowl, #6 Ohio State (11-1, 7-1 in the Big Ten) vs #8 Arkansas (10-2, 6-2 in the SEC), 5:30 PM on ESPN

It's the only BCS bowl featuring only "at-large" teams that were not "automatic qualifiers". (Stanford and TCU "qualified" by finishing in the top 4, vs. winning a BCS conference.)

Why You Should Watch:
To see Terrelle Pryor, plus a bunch of other suspended players that no one outside of the Big Ten has heard of, most likely play their final game for the Buckeyes.

I really like the Bucks in this one. They won out in turnovers and penalties, while Arkansas had the better SOS. The team's last three games and motivation was even, though Arkansas it should be noted beat 4 bowl teams in November, vs. three wins over bowl teams by Ohio St. This should be a good game, but I would take Pryor over Ryan Mallet any day.

                      Sugar                 Current Total to Date

Odds            Ohio State                         17

Coin            Ohio State                          18               

Connor        Ohio State (24)                    16 (333)

(Game report in the Comment thread)