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Pac-10 Basketball Pick'Em Standings: Week 7

The seventh week of the Pac-10 Hoops season is in the books, along with the seventh week of the Pac-10 Pick'Em. In case you missed our earlier posts, the Pac-10 Basketball Pick'Em includes nine SB Nation Pac-10 Blogs and is run by Patrick Evans of Arizona Desert Swarm.

This week's winner was AZ Desert Swarm, who went a perfect 9-0. CGB and House of Sparky followed them up with a pretty good showing of 8-1, while BTD had a bad week at 6-3. If I would have listened to Andy's advice and picked ASU over Oregon, BTD could have stayed only five back of the leaders.

But despite being the only blog to pick the Ducks, it was only us and AZ Desert Swarm who had the Beavers over the Sun Devils. So at least we did do something right this week.

So here are the standings after Week 7. Make sure to root on Building the Dam later in the week in our open thread. It should be an interesting week with lots of different picks as the Washington schools host the Oregon schools, and the Arizona teams host Cal and Stanford.

Week 7 Standings

1.  'UW Dawgpound' (89-17)
2.  'Arizona Desert Swarm' (86-20)
3.  'CougCenter' (85-21)
4.  'Building the Dam' (83-23)
4.  'Rule of Tree' (83-23)
6.  'BruinsNation' (79-27)
7.  'Addicted to Quack' (78-25)
8.  'California Golden Blogs' (77-26)
9.  'House of Sparky' (61-18)