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Pac-10 Hoops Recap: January 20th

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Washington State 78, Arizona State 61: "This was a wonderful team effort...enough to coast the Cougars to victory even without the outside shooting presence of Faisal Aden. Aden missed the game with a knee injury. Reggie Moore went for 11 points, 7 boards and 5 assists (versus 1 turnover). Marcus Capers had 10 points, 6 boards, 4 assists and 3 steals. Not a single Cougar player shot below 40%." (Recap via CougCenter)

#20 Washington 85, #25 Arizona 68: It's not often that a 2011 Pac-10 game has a national impact, but if there was ever one, it came Thursday night on the shores of Lake Washington. The 20th ranked Huskies wanted to prove that they were for real after a disappointing split of the Bay Area schools last week, while Arizona wanted to prove that they belonged in the Top 25.

After going back and forth for the first 15 minutes of the 1st Half, Washington went on a 10-2 run to go up 30-22. But the Wildcats would slowly battle their way back into the game, and Washington only took a 36-31 lead into the locker rooms.

Arizona came out hot in the second half, but the Huskies seemed to match every basket and run that Arizona went on. But sure enough, the more talented and athletic Huskies began to pull away. The final score was 85-68, and even though the score doesn't truly represent how close the game was throughout some parts of the 2nd Half, it will look great on Washington's tournament resume come March.

Justin Holiday and Isaiah Thomas led the Huskies with 22 points each, while Derrick Williams led Arizona with 22 points.

UCLA 86, California 84: "Come on. Who else could come up with a loss like this?

A 14 point comeback with four minutes left to tie the game with ten seconds left? Getting all the whistles from Pac-10 officials, shooting 34 free throws in our house of nightmares in Pauley Pavilion? Harper Kamp dominating inside, but Cal perimeter players not able to get him the ball in the second half with their post entry passes? Overcoming ten threes by the Bruins (four from Tyler Honeycutt), while not scoring a single three ourselves until the final basket of the game? UCLA turning the ball over on two consecutive possessions to help cut an eight point lead to two in nine seconds?" (Recap via California Golden Blogs)

More game recaps, plus updated standings after the break

USC 65, Stanford 42: "The offensive genius of Harbaugh and Greg Roman might not have been enough to rescue Stanford last night from its worst offensive performance in five years. The Cardinal shot 22 percent from the floor and Jeremy Green was limited to five points, his lowest output of the season. As the Daily Axe succintly put it, the Cardinal needs to start scoring." (Recap via Rule of Tree)

Updated Pac-10 Standings

1. Washington, 14-4 (6-1)
2. Arizona, 15-4 (4-2)
3. UCLA, 12-6 (4-2)
4. Washington State, 14-5 (4-3)
5. Oregon State, 8-9 (3-3)
6. USC, 11-8 (3-3)
7. Stanford, 10-7 (3-3)
8. California, 9-9 (2-4)
9. Arizona State, 9-9 (1-5)
10. Oregon, 8-10 (1-5)

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