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Pac-10 Basketball Pick'Em: Week 10 Open Thread

Here's the Week 10 Pac-10 Pick'Em Open Thread. Our Week 10 picks are below. We will post the other blog's picks as they become available and try to update the standings after each game. I will be in the comments section trying to give updates as much as possible.

Week 10 Pac-10 Basketball Pick'Em Schedule (BTD's Picks in bold)

Date                           Time (Pacific)                   Matchup

January 16th                 7:00 PM                              Washington @ California
January 20th                 7:00 PM                              Arizona State @ Washington State
January 20th                 7:30 PM                              Arizona @ Washington
January 20th                 7:30 PM                              California @ UCLA
January 20th                 7:30 PM                              Stanford @ USC
January 22nd               11:00 AM                              Stanford @ UCLA
January 22nd                 1:00 PM                              Arizona State @ Washington
January 22nd                 3:00 PM                              Oregon @ Oregon State
January 22nd                 7:30 PM                              Arizona @ Washington State
January 22nd                 8:00 PM                              California @ USC