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Pac-10 Hooops Recap: January 16th

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#18 Washington 92, California 71: "I can't speak for everybody, but I think most Cal fans felt this one coming. The Bears had played over their heads for three games and played an exhausting overtime game on Thursday. Washington played well below their ability and lost their first conference game to Stanford. A correction seemed inevitable. So perhaps it's just as well that the correction involved zero drama and heartburn. 

It's always easier to accept defeat when an obviously talented opponent plays to the near peak of their ability. Every mistake Cal made, Washington took advantage of. Every forward that wasn't boxed out got an offensive rebound. Every missed defensive rotation led to an easy basket. Every screen that wasn't fought through ended in a 3 pointer rattling home." (Recap via California Golden Blogs)

Updated standings after the break

Updated Pac-10 Standings

1. Washington, 13-4 (5-1)
2. Arizona, 15-3 (4-1)
3. UCLA, 11-6 (3-2)
4. Stanford, 10-6 (3-2)
5. Washington State, 13-5 (3-3)
6. Oregon State, 8-9 (3-3)
7. USC, 10-8 (2-3)
8. California, 9-8 (2-3)
9. Arizona State, 9-8 (1-4)
10. Oregon, 8-10 (1-5)

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