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TCU 30, OSU 21: Horned Frogs Dominate Stats, Not Score

TCU was the better team Saturday in Cowboys Stadium.

But man, I wanted to see what Ryan Katz and Oreg on State could do on that final drive.

It felt like we were all awakened right before the end of a really good dream.

Alex Linnenkohl's errant snap on the first play of Oregon State's final drive had the same effect as Darrell Catchings' fumble in the final minutes of OSU's season opening loss to Stanford three years ago: It deflated Oregon State's chances for a game tying drive. 

The similarities are eerie, if you really think about it.

The Beavers weren't overly impressive on offense or defense-- TCU dominated many aspects of the game. But the Beavers did keep up on the scoreboard.

Twice, when TCU was looking to take control, the Oregon State defense came through with clutch interceptions. The first one came on TCU's opening drive as they neared the end zone. The second interception-- by Dwight Roberson-- came when TCU was threatening to take a two touchdown lead. Oregon State then drove the field to tie the game at 21-21.

TCU dominated the game on the ground, rushing for 278 yards compared to Oregon State's 73.

Not only did TCU get an average of five yards every time they ran the ball, they converted 11 of 17 third downs. The majority of those first downs came via the feet of quarterback Andy Dalton.

All things considered, it was an acceptable debut from Ryan Katz. His statistics don't jump off the page, but he did the things he needed to do. He finished the game 9-of-25 for 159 yards and two touchdowns, and demonstrated that he can throw the deep ball. He'll need to iron out a few kinks in his footwork and work on his passing progression, (hit Quizz in the flat, dude!) but this kid is going to be one heck of a quarterback in three years time.

Unfortunately, it's the botched snap that will haunt him as the Beavers return to Corvallis tonight.

James Rodgers pulled in 4 receptions for 74 yards and a touchdown. Brother Jacquizz rushed for a very difficult 75 yards on 18 carries. At halftime, Quizz had 24 yards on ten rushes.

TCU quarterback Andy Dalton and his running backs stole the show, rushing for 278 total yards. The Horned Frogs' option look gave the Beaver defense fits all game-- Ed Wesley and Matthew Tucker combined for 208 yards. Dalton picked up 64 yards on 15 carries.

The Beavers have no reason to be embarrassed like they were at Cincinnati (5 picks) or at Penn State (totally overwhelmed). There are positive things to take out of this game.

But we all wanted to see the real ending.

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