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What To Watch For: Your Opening Saturday College Football Lineup

UCLA at Kansas State (ABC, 12:30pm) - Rick Neuheisel has a lot to prove, and he could have a tough time doing it as his team opens the season against a solid Kansas State team. 

Kentucky at Louisville (ABC, 12:30pm) - If you're on the west coast you won't get to see this one in it's entirety, but it's an interesting matchup featuring a team the Beavers will play in two weeks. 

New Mexico at Oregon (OSN, 12:30pm) - All eyes will be on Darren Thomas as leads the Oregon offense, but how hard could it possibly be against New Mexico? 

Washington at Brigham Young (CBS College, 4pm) - If Washington wants to prove that they're the real deal this year, beating BYU would be a good way to start.

Washington State at Oklahoma State (FSN, 4pm) - This game will probably be all but over by the time OSU and TCU kickoff.

Oregon State vs. TCU (ESPN, 4:45pm) - The marquee matchup of the game pits our Beavers against the Horned Frogs. Will the game live up to the hype?

Coming Monday...

Boise State vs. Virginia Tech (ESPN, Monday 5pm) - It's like a bowl game in week one: you won't want to miss it. 

Other games worth watching: 

Matchup Time Network
Illinois vs. Missouri 9:30 AM ESPN
Connecticut vs. Michigan 12:30 PM ABC
Texas at Rice 12:30 PM ESPN
Purdue at Notre Dame 12:30 PM NBC
LSU vs. North Carolina 5:00 PM ABC

And if that isn't even enough, you can visit for the complete college football television lineup

Use this thread as the place to discuss any of today's games.

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