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Blog Bet: OBNUG Claims Their Prize

Boise State's 37-24 victory over Oregon State wasn't the only victory for the blue and orange-- it also meant that OBNUG won the friendly "Blog Bet" we laid down before the game. 

For winning, they get a free post on Building the Dam. Here it is: 

Scene: Kellen Moore, Doug Martin, and OBNUG are in line at College GameDay.

Martin: Man, what a turnout.

Moore: Yeah, this is a great day for Boise State University. They must be so proud.

OBNUG: Check it out, guys. My sign says "Mark May eats turd burgers."

Just then an ESPN producer approaches the three men.

ESPN producer: Thank goodness I found you. There is a major problem on set. Our segment on Ryan Mallet being a good quarterback got pulled because it was pretty much a complete lie. Now we need to fill a good 15 minutes of the program. Can you help us?

Moore: Absolutely.

Martin: Yeah, sure thing.

OBNUG: Happy to help.

ESPN producer: Oh, not you. I don't know who you are.

Moore: He's with us. I think it's a Make-A-Wish sort of thing.

ESPN producer: Fine. Everyone, follow me.

The producer rushes Moore, Martin, and OBNUG backstage to make-up and wardrobe. The producer briefs them on the segment.

ESPN producer: OK, here's how we want things going down. Kellen, you are going to have an open question-and-answer session, anything goes. Doug, you are going to do push ups for 15 minutes. Pale skinny kid, your job is to stay off camera.

Moore: Sounds good.

Martin: One-handed or two?

OBNUG: It's a privilege to be off your camera.

ESPN producer: Alright, let's do this.

The crew heads to the stage where they meet Chris Fowler and take their places on set. Moore sits next to Fowler. Martin assumes push up position on the desk. OBNUG is placed behind a giant pillar and told to remain still.

OBNUG: Chris Fowler, can I get your autograph!

Fowler: No touching!

The producer signals in the start of the segment.

ESPN producer: OK, we're live in 5, 4, 3 ...

Fowler: Welcome back to College GameDay built by the Home Depot. I'd like to apologize to viewers for that last segment; I did not realize Mark Schlereth would not be wearing pants. Up next, I am joined by Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore and Boise State running back Doug Martin. Gentlemen, welcome.

Moore: Thanks for having us, Chris.

Martin: Great to be here.

OBNUG waves from behind the pillar, gets tased.

Fowler: Kellen and Doug are here this morning to answer some questions and do some push ups. So let's get to it.

Martin begins doing push ups on the GameDay desk. Lee Corso enters to ask Kellen Moore the first question.

Lee Corso: Kellen, first off I hate your team and everything they stand for. Secondly, I am a big Boise State fan. My question is: Do you think your team deserves a spot in the BCS championship game?

Moore: Absolutely. If we are one of two undefeated teams in Division I-A, why should we not be able to play for -

Corso: Follow up question: Do you hate America?

Kirk Herbstreit enters.

Kirk Herbstreit: Kellen, do you know where the nearest Jamaica Me Tan location is?

Moore: There's one on Vista Avenue, and you can find a coupon in Saturday's Idaho Statesman for 30 percent off with purchase of leg waxing.

Beano Cook enters.

Beano Cook: Have you seen this new shotgun thing? It's crazy.

Moore: The shotgun has actually been around since the 1930s.

Beano Cook: Ha! You have big teeth.

Mark May enters.

Mark May: Body of work hurr durr durr overrated hurr SEC schedule derp derp?

Moore: You know even though your dad never said he loved you when you were a kid doesn't mean that he never felt that way. He just had different ways of expressing it. He's proud of you, Mark.

Mark May: (tears)

Mike Riley enters.

Mike Riley: Any chance you guys can take it easy on us tonight?

Moore: We'll throw you a punt return and some ill-timed penalties, but that's all I can offer.

Erin Andrews enters.

Erin Andrews: Will you go out with me?

Moore: I like you as a friend.

Random college kid enters.

Kid: How can I get better at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Moore: Riot shield.

Barack Obama enters.

Obama: Soooo ... this new health care thing isn't going too hot.

Moore: Scrap the health care plan and put everyone on strict vegetable diets and leach human growth hormone into the water supply.

Oregon State pass rush enters.

Oregon State pass rush: Oh, no question. We're just here to watch.

Cast of Glee enters.

Glee (singing): I'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic?

Moore: That's my prerogative.

WAC officials enter.

WAC officials: Is it a personal foul to hit someone with your helmet or to not hit someone with your helmet?

Moore: To hit someone with your helmet.

WAC officials: Shoot.

Fowler: Kellen and Doug, thanks so much for joining us this morning. Can we get a quick prediction from you before you go?

Moore: 37-24 Broncos.

Martin: Pain.

Fowler: All right, folks, there you have it. When we return, Desmond Howard breaks down gamefilm using Dr. Mario. You won't want to miss it.

Martin, Moore, and OBNUG join the crowd at GameDay. OBNUG gets its sign confiscated. The program is considered one of the best in ESPN's history.