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Pac-10 Football: Connor Predicts What Will Happen In Week Four


USC 28, Washington State 7:
Shockwaves are sent throughout the nation when the Trojans only lead 14-7 at Halftime, but they roll off 14 straight for the victory.

Stanford 27, Notre Dame 17: I think the Cardinal win this one by a lot more at home, but Notre Dame is always a tough place to play. Stanford should get it done anyway though.

Texas 38, UCLA 17: I think both teams find their offenses in this one, but Texas is just too good for the Bruins.

Boise State 27, Oregon State 24: I've posted about ten different scores on various websites because I honestly don't know what's going to hapen. On one hand, I could see a gritty Mike Riely team with nothing to lose go out there and prove the nation wrong. But on the other hand, Boise will be treating this as a de-facto Semifinal Game and will have everything to play for. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Arizona 31, California 14: I don't see Cal putting up much of a fight in Tucson, but if Kevin Riley is on his game they have got a chance.

Oregon 34, Arizona State 10: This one might be close at Half, but Oregon is too explosive to be kept down for a whole game.

Record on the season: 21-7, Goal: 65-11