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Oregon State/ Louisville: Our Final Pregame Thoughts

Everyone agrees: the Beavers need to win today, and this man needs to have a big day.
Everyone agrees: the Beavers need to win today, and this man needs to have a big day.

Uncertain what to think about today's game? Read below as four members of the Building the Dam community share their final pregame thoughts. 


With s o much time to prepare for an opponent expected to finish near the bottom of the Big East, the Beavers need to come out and put an emphatic win on the board today. I'll take any kind of win, sure, but the Beavers can't afford not to make a statement today. Jacquizz Rodgers needs to get out of his three game slump with a big performance, and the Beavers need to show that they've made adjustments after the loss to TCU. 


We will see the effects of two weeks of practice, almost a second camp, on the field. Ryan Katz will continue to show progress in both what he does, and how he does it. So too will the defense, though Louisville will test it at times. But the difference will be that it is time for a big game from Jacquizz Rodgers, who will break his three game stretch of not running for 100 yards, and the Beavers not winning. 'Quizz is a difference maker, and today, he makes the difference. Oregon St. 34 Louisville 20.


My feeling of this game is that it is indeed a "must win" situation. I personally feel also that it is essential to the Beavs overall conference run chances to win with some authority too. The TCU game set the stage that this team can compete, but it also ended up being this kind-of neither here nor there type of losses. Good showing against a good team, but I also feel it was there for the taking and improvement of course needs to be made. That said this Louisville game is much more there for the taking and OSU needs to look good winning, not only for the attention of the media (and Quizz's Heisman hopes), but as I mentioned in some other previous comments the establishing of a team swagger/identity that will carry over to Beaver Nation. The Pac-10 is winnable with the talent this team seems to have, BUT it won't be easy with the talent other teams have displayed so far. The mental game is going to be as important as the raw talent game for this team. And as I have said a few times before: It is time for this team and football program to step it up to the next level. As such I am VERY much looking forward to attending this game (we'll be in the Northwest corner section). Rain? Who cares! Getting to see the Rodgers brothers and Katz live is going to be great!


In this game, I'll be looking for Oregon State's run defense to show up. It's the perfect oppurtunity; below average quarterback with a good running back. Stopping their running game and forcing Froman to throw would be a huge advantage for the Beavs in a game that they're already favored in.

On offense, I want to see Quizz and the O-Line prove that their performance vs. TCU was because they were playing the #1 Defense in the country. And Katz, please, PLEASE, throw the ball to Quizz sometimes.


Enjoy the game! Kickoff is at 2:30 PT on FSN-NW. 

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