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The Dam News 8/6

Just a few more weeks, friends. A few more weeks and it'll be almost a full year before the name "Phil Steele" is relevant again. Can't. Friggin'. Wait.

  • The Oregonian/OregonLive has stepped up with a slew of Beaver content over the past 72 hours. Lots and lots of new stuff. If you haven't been doing so, check out their All Decade Team, starting with the most recently posted position, Linebacker. While I can't say he was necessarily the "best" linebacker we had at OSU, I've got to go with Derrick Doggett. Athletic, fast, aggressive and played all over the place. What, you don't agree?

  • The Beavers show up at number 22 in the USA Today top 25, released today. With the ducks at number 11, the Oregon schools are the only two representatives from the PAC 10. Weird, huh? Coaches also voted in OSU opponents Boise State (fifth) and TCU (seventh).
  • ESPN's PAC 10 blog has some painful PAC 10 memories as submitted by readers. Check them out, plenty of heart breakers for the Beavers in there (LSU, anyone?), not to mention a few times where our boys played the role of heartbreaker (Cal, SC).


"Thanks a lot, kicker! The only way I'm NOT going to kick your ass before I leave Oregon State is if you win the Lou Groza Award, or better yet, score more than our entire offense in a game!"


That's all for now, folks. Post whatever I missed below and have a great weekend, even if there isn't an OSU football game going on. GO BEAVERS!