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The Dam News 8/3

Just over a month (33 days by my count) until kickoff...



  • If you haven't watched it yet, a new guy by the name of Esh dropped his homemade Jacquizz Rodgers for Heisman video over in FanPosts this week. It's 7ish minutes of Quizz running the rock. Can't go wrong there.

  • The Oregonian continues it's all decade team poll series, this time with the defensive end and defensive tackle positions. At tackle I had to pick Dwan Edwards. Stephen Paea is going to surpass him, but I just think it jinxes things to vote a guy whose career hasn't ended yet onto an all decade team. At end? Well, like yesterday, I will answer in video (albeit a grainy, horrible, non-HD video) form:





And that's about all I can find worth reading today. Unless you want me to post some more lists from Bleacher Report. Post what I missed in the comments as usual and GO BEAVERS!