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Scouting The Enemy: Oregon's Day 7 Practice Recap

My cousin and I embarked on the tremendous task of attending both Oregon and Oregon State's Practices on Monday. Here is the Oregon Recap.

The Ducks took the field under a cloudless blue sky for their 7th Practice of the season on Monday. There were about 50 people in attendance. Below are my notes on what took place. Feel free to ask any questions. 

  • From the 2 Hours of Practice I saw, I would say that Nate Costa is by far the better Quarterback. Thomas looked alright, but his balls don't have much zip on them.
  • Marvin Johnson had a great Interception. The ball was tipped about three times before he came down with it.
  • As far as the Kicking Competition goes, I think Alejandro Maldonado will win the job over Rob Beard. In the scrimmage at the end of practice, Beard hooked his only try while Gaga nailed his for the scrimmage winner.
  • Besides for Jeff Maehl, the only reciever that stood out was Redshirt Freshman Blake Cantu. I would keep my eye on Eric Dungy as well though.
  • Malachi Lewis looked good at Tight end, but it sounds like David Paulson (Thanks UOinATX!) will take over Ed Dickson's spot.
  • LaMichael James left practice early and was limited for the remainder of it.
  • The whole atmosphere around the Oregon practice was much more different than Oregon State's. It was high energy, where the Beavers were more laid back, and the Ducks had constant music playing, where the Beavers did not have any music.

Overall it was a pretty good experience. After the break you can find a couple cell phone pictures, which apparently is frowned upon. So I might have to take them down.

Brandon Bair and Terrel Turner

Drew Davis comes off the field

LaMichael James returns to practice after leaving with an injury