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Fall Camp, Day 2

Two days of Oregon State's fall camp are now in the books--and the installation phase continues. 

"Because we are putting plays in in packages, it almost starts over each day for five days," Mike Riley told the media. "For five days, it's all new. We won't get all of it in until Friday afternoon. When that happens, hopefully we will start looking better and better every day. Until that time, we'll leave the stuff we did today and do some new stuff tomorrow."

There was still lots of attention on QB Ryan Katz at Tuesday's practice, although the linebackers are getting a lot of attention, as they try to find a way to replace Keaton Kristick and the departed David Pa'aluhi III. 

Defensive coordinator Mark Banker told Cliff Kirkpatrick that none of the four main candidates at middle linebacker--Tony Wilson, Reuben Robinson, Kevin Unga, and Walker Vave-- have won the position yet, but he expects someone to emerge. 

In injury news, offensive lineman Michael Phillip sat out with a broken nose, and Markus Wheaton was sidelined with a bruised shoulder. It was Michael's brother, Mark, who's errant elbow in a pass rush drill caused the nose injury. 

Paul Buker reported a funny incident on his twitter feed, when James Rodgers had CB James Dockery beat, but dropped the pass through his hands. The message from Quizz? "You gotta have that, man!", which was loud enough for everyone to hear, apparently. 

And since we did this yesterday, let's check in with Mike Riley's twitter feed:

Today was another great day of competition. We have a great lineup of guest speakers for the team tonight... OSU Alums HD Weddel, Aaron Wells, and Bill Swancutt will be here to talk to the team. All 3 are great members of Beaver Nation. #gobeavsless than a minute ago via web


More from Tuesday:

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