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The Dam News

I almost called this post "Beaver Links." I said it out loud and immediately had second thoughts. Those second thoughts were of sausage links, made from beaver meat, which I can only imagine DOES NOT taste just-like-chicken. "Beaver Links," would probably be the worst tasting sausages ever, so here's hoping the people at Hormel or Jimmy Dean--certainly not Reser--aren't developing this product as we speak. Anyway, there's some news...


Hi, I'm Storm Woods. I like taking long walks on the beach, eating up defenses and scoring touchdowns.


  • The GT is all over the recruiting scene with yet ano ther update, this time on men's hoops.
  • Bob Condotta of The Seattle TimesGambling types from the Golden Nugget predict the Huskies upcoming season... and he they thinks the dawgs get one over on the Beavs this year. No, really, he they does. Maybe after six in a row UW will figure it out this year? Hope not. Gotta love the Locker hype machine though. What's so special about him THIS year? I mean, not only was he not even the best QB in the PAC 10 last year, he wasn't even the best QB in Reser Stadium...

  • In case you have forgotten how much Bleacher Report sucks, please check out this dumb list of "Weirdest Schedules" and read the OSU entry. I assume based on the scummy advertising they always have up on their site that they desperately need the hits.

That's all for now folks. I'll try to be semi-regular with these again. Post what I missed in the comments, have a great weekend and GO BEAVERS!