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Coming Today: "Where I Come From" with EA Sports

This is an exciting time of the year for college football fans. Especially this year, the weather is just finally starting to make a turn for the better, barbecues are becoming the norm, and football season is right around the corner. 

It's usually right around the Fourth of July that I start getting excited for football season. I have a large amount of baseball in my blood, so I like to pay that sport the attention it deserves. But now, with the College World Series wrapped up, we can fully move on to talking about football, while watching the MLB season unfold in our peripheral vision. 

This year, EA Sports has approached SB Nation College and is sponsoring a week's worth of posts leading up the the release of NCAA Football 2011 early next week. The posts are intended to celebrate the fans of one of the greatest sports in the world: college football. 

I'm not the video game honk that many my age are, but for the XBox, PlayStation, and (insert your system here) die hards, the release of NCAA Football 2011 is your Christmas in July. 

This series of posts is not only intended to get you excited to purchase and play the game, but it's also meant for us to have conversations about how we came to be fans of Oregon State athletics. The series is called Where I Come From, and here are the topics that I will roll out over the coming days:

Monday: How I Became an Oregon State Beaver

Tuesday: My All-Time Favorite Oregon State Team

Wednesday: Corvallis Tailgating Traditions

Thursday:  My All-Time Favorite Oregon State Players

Friday: Most Memorable Moments

Monday: Expectations for Oregon State in 2010

Tuesday: Christmas in July

Again, one of the major reasons for doing these posts is not so I can just share my stories with you, but so we can share our stories with each other. SB Nation has built a great platform that fosters conversation and a sense of community. All of us authors here at BTD are looking forward to making this community even stronger this year, but we'll need everyone's cooperation to do it. 

So let's use this week to kick of what should be a great 2010 football season on Building the Dam. 

The first installment of the series will roll out right around lunchtime. 


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