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Arizona Basketball Receives Additional Sanctions

The NCAA has levied additional sanctions against the Arizona men's basketball program for what was determined to be recruiting violations involved with former coach Lute Olson's involvement with a couple of tournaments staged on the Tucson campus.

Arizona self-imposed sanctions in February that included a reduction in the number of recruiting visits by coaches and prospective players, the disbanding of a booster group, and implementation of a series of administrative and rules changes to prevent further violations.

The NCAA further reduced the number of official visits by recruits to six each over the next two years, from Arizona's self-imposed limit of 11 in 2009-10, and 8 in 2010-11. The NCAA also cut an additional 10 days of recruiting days for coaches for 2010-11, giving the school a total reduction of 30.

The Wildcats must also vacate 19 wins from the 2007-08 season, and will lose a scholarship in the 2012-13 year, an addition to the one lost for the 2011-12 season.

In part due to health issues the 75 year old Olson is dealing with, and forced his retirement, including a stroke, the NCAA did not sanction Olson.

"The committee determined that the coach had retired and any punishment in that regard would be inappropriate," Paul Dee, chair of the NCAA's infractions committee said.

"I cannot say his [health] did not come into play. When someone is ill you take that into consideration," Dee added.

Arizona has announced they will not appeal.