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The Dam News 7/22

Let me start with some personal news: Pulled the trigger on some season tickets for this upcoming season. Very excited. Great home slate.

Now for some more relevant stuff...



  • The Portland Tribune has a good interview with Ryan Katz. I think most people will agree with me when I say I'm equal parts nervous and excited about his debut in Texas. Loved to see this though:

"Our plan is to start the season off with a bang," Katz says. "We’re going to look to start strong and finish strong. It’s going to be a good year."

  • The usually entertaining Ted Miller doesn't disappoint with his Oregon State edition of the "Best Case-Worst Case" series. In a time where there's little or no news, this kind of fun reading helps steady my nerves. There was one part in particular that I liked from the Best Case summary...

Rodgers. Touchdown. Rose Bowl. Pandemonium in Reser Stadium.

Miller also evaluates the PAC 10 QB position headed into the season.

  • Cliff K of the Gazette Times had a great update yesterday, including a two part series on the 2009 season posted to his blog. Check it out, good stuff as always. Here's part one:

  • And as noted yesterday, the Huskies sure are feeling themselves. SBN blogger John Berkowitz thinks that the Huskies have what it takes to beat the Beavers this year. Outside of an improved group of recruits coming in and a new coach, I don't know what makes the Huskies (or Jake Locker, for that matter) such a dramatically improved team coming into the season, but who knows. I don't quite care what they do in the rest of their season, so long as the guys in orange make it SEVEN in a row.

Did I miss something? Put it in the comments. And GO BEAVERS!