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Your Week 1 College Football Viewing Schedule

I did this last year on the weeks that the Beavers had Road Games, so I figured I could share it with you guys this year. Enjoy!

In order to pass the time until September 4th (47 Days), I figured I could roll some of these out to help us pass the time. The TV Listings are here:, so if you want to post what you'll be watching, share it in the Comments Section.

Click The Jump to see my Viewing Schedule

Thursday, September 2nd

Southern Miss @ South Carolina, ESPN, 4:30 PM
USC @ Hawaii, ESPN, 8:00 PM

TiVo: Minnesota @ Middle Tennessee, ESPNU, 4:30 PM

Friday, September 3rd

Arizona @ Toledo, ESPN, 5:00 PM

Saturday, September 4th

College GameDay, ESPNU/ESPN, 6:00 AM

Miami (Ohio) @ Florida, ESPN, 9:00 AM

UCLA @ Kansas State, ABC, 12:30 PM

Oregon State vs TCU, ESPN, 4:45 PM

Wisconsin @ UNLV, Versus, 8:00 PM

TiVo: Illinois vs Missouri, FSN, 9:30 AM

Purdue @ Notre Dame, NBC, 12:30 PM

Washington State @ Oklahoma State, FSN, 4:00 PM
College Football Final, ESPN, 9:00 PM

Sunday, September 5th

Southern vs Delaware State, ESPN, 9:00 AM

SMU @ Texas Tech, ESPN, 12:30 PM

TiVo: Tulsa @ East Carolina, ESPN2, 11:00 AM

Monday, September 6th

Navy vs Maryland, ESPN, 1:00 PM

Boise State vs Virginia Tech, ESPN, 5:00 PM

Thoughts? If this doesn't get you incredibly pumped for Labor Day Weekend, then I don't know what will.