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2010 College GameDay Location Predictions

Here are my predictions for where the College GameDay Crew will be headed this season. Enjoy!

September 4th: LSU vs North Carolina

It's the classic SEC-ACC Battle in Atlanta, so even though the Oregon State-TCU Game will be better, expect the crew to be in Atlanta, Georgia for Week 1.

September 11th: Penn State @ Alabama

Three great games, all on one day! Miami (Florida) @ Ohio State and Florida State @ Oklahoma is also on the list, but I think Joe Pa vs Saban wins out.

September 18th: BYU @ Florida State

Not a very good week for College Football. Although you can put Alabama on Upset Alert when the visit Duke.

September 25th: Oregon State @ Boise State

This one will be an absolute dandy on the Smurf Turf. And the game has already been picked up by ESPN, so that just increases the chances of the GameDay Crew coming to Boise.

October 2nd: Texas vs Oklahoma

This one is pretty much an automatic selection every year. But if both Penn State and Iowa are undefeated coming into the weekend, they might find themselves in Iowa City.

October 9th: LSU @ Florida

Should be a good one on a pretty boring day of College Football.

October 16th: BYU @ TCU

This takes care of the annual MWC Game. There's a couple other intriguing matchups, but none that really jump out.

October 23rd: Oklahoma @ Missouri

I have no idea about this day. But OU-UM sounds good enough.

Rest of the predictions after the break

October 30th: Florida vs Georgia

The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party wins out on the day before Halloween.

November 6th: Alabama @ LSU

As the season comes down the Home Stretch, Alabama visting Death Valley should be enough to get a visit from the GameDay Crew.

November 13th: Penn State @ Ohio State

I was tempted to put Washington State-Oregon State up here, but I think this game might be a bit better.

November 20th: Ohio State @ Iowa

I actually think that USC-Oregon State is a better game, but I just can't see GameDay choosing a Pac-10 Game over a Big Ten Game.

November 27th: Michigan @ Ohio State

So many good games to choose on this Thanksgiving Weekend, but the Traditional Big Ten Rivalry wins out over ND @ USC.

December 4th: Oregon @ Oregon State

GameDay should make the right desicion and come to Corvallis instead of SC-UCLA.

December 11th: Navy vs Army

Well, because it's the only game of the day.

Agree? Disagree? Leave your thoughts in the Comments Section.

Go Beavers!