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Nebraska On The Move

Fox Sports Radio has reported that the Big-10 has extended an invitation to Nebraska to join their conference. The Nebraska Board of Regents has already voted to accept the invitation.

The move is the first domino to fall, but makes the exodus of much of the Big XII to the Pac-10 probably mostly a matter of the detail of determining if Baylor would be the team to come along, instead of Colorado, which, coincidentally was hit today with NCAA sanctions for poor academic performance by their football and men's basketball programs.

Colorado has a news conference scheduled for 11 AM Thursday, and it appears it is to announce their move to the Pac-XYZ. Colarado, which would deliver the Denver market, clearly is of greater value than Baylor, despite their lack of a baseball or softball program, two Pac-10 signature power events.

Whether the Big 10/11/12 will move on to 14 or 16, and include Missouri, is the other significant piece to the puzzle, and could figure into who joins Texas, TexasA&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma St. in a package deal. Might Missouri supplant both Colorado and Baylor? It looks unlikely. Or become, with the Kansas schools, Iowa St., and maybe Baylor, the basis of a new "Heartland Conference that potentially could also include Memphis St., Louisville, Cincinnati, and possibly Houston and Tulsa.

The other, and more probable outcome, is that some of the remnants join with the Mt. West.

This, coupled with the possible movement of Pitt and/or UConn to the Big 10+ would decimate the Big East as a football conference, and open the door to the remainder of their teams moving along to fill in the ACC when the SEC skims off a few of the plums.

And that makes the move of the remnants of the Big XII to the Mt. West more reasonable, as the demise of the Big East would open the door to their automatic BCS bid going to the more robust Mt. West.