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Connor's 2010 NCAA Super Regional Predictions

After 5 Days of thrilling and heartbreaking baseball, the Field has been cut from 64 Teams to 16. In the 1st Round, I correctly picked 10 out of the 16 Regionals correct. Ouch! The only other person who was brave enough to take me on, BeaverBeliever19, picked 9 out of the 16 correctly. For some good competition, post your Picks for the Supers in the Comments Section. Next week, I'll have my College World Series Predictions Posted.

Read on from my picks after the break

I'll start at the Left Side of the Bracket, go from top to bottom, and then do the same thing on the Right Side. Link to the bracket is below.

Tempe Super Regional

Arizona State vs Arkansas

The Sun Devils should cruise in this one. I'd be surprised if it went three games. Arizona State advances to College World Series

Clemson Super Regional

Clemson vs Alabama

Should be a great series to watch. I'm going to take Clemson in three because they are at home, but Bama could easily win it as well. Clemson advances to College World Series

Charrlottesville Super Regional

Virginia vs Oklahoma

This one could go either way, but I'm not sure Oklahoma has the talent to keep up with Virginia for three games. Virginia advances to College World Series

Myrtle Beach Super Regional

Coastal Carolina vs South Carolina

In my mind, Coastal shouldn't even be in a Super Regional. College of Charleston had the game won, but thanks to a blown call at first, the game went into extras and the Chanticleers eventually won. Anyway, I think USC pulls the upset in three games. South Carolina advances to College World Series

Austin Super Regional

Texas vs TCU

The Horned Frogs just don't have what it takes to hang with the Longhorns for three games. Texas advances to College World Series

Tallahassee Super Regional

Florida State vs Vanderbilt

Vandy could make FSU VERY nervous, but I'm still going to take the Seminoles in three. Florida State advances to College World Series

Los Angeles Super Regional

UCLA vs Cal State Fullerton

Definitely the best Super Regional this year. UCLA proved that they could ball by mowing over their Regional, and that's enough for me to advance them into the CWS. This one will definitely go three games though, no doubt about it. UCLA advances to College World Series

Gainesville Super Regional

Florida vs Miami (Florida)

I really don't know about this one. Just for fun, I'll take the Canes in three games. Miami (Florida) advances to College World Series

Well, there you have it. Feel free to share any of your picks in the Comments Section.

Go Beavers!