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Ranking the 2010 Pac-10 Football Non-Conference Games

Here are my rankings of the 2010 Pac-10 Football Non-Conference Games. Enjoy! Note-Team Rankings are from Preseason Top 25.

1. Oregon State @ Boise State, September 25th, ESPN or ESPN2

The list begins with what should be a visit from the College Gameday Crew. The 17th Ranked Beavers will visit the Smurf Turf to take on #3 Boise State. Add that to the National TV Audience, this should be one of the best games of the year.

2. Oregon State vs TCU, September 4th, ESPN

The list continues with #17 Oregon State going to Cowboys Stadium to face the 7th Ranked TCU Horn Frogs. In a made for TV Special, two high powered Offenses will light up the scoreboard in the Texas Desert.

3. Iowa @ Arizona, September 18th

We continue with the 8th Ranked Hawkeyes visiting Tuscon to take on the 26th Ranked Wildcats. The game will not only show if Arizona has what it takes to contend for the Pac-10 title, but if Iowa has what it takes to contend for the National Title.

4. Oregon @ Tennessee, September 11th

Whoever the Quarterback is, Darron Thomas or Nate Costa, they will be tested in front of 100,000 people at Neyland Stadium. We'll also see if the 42nd Ranked Volunteers will be able to overcome the loss of Lane Kiffen.

5. Notre Dame @ USC, November 27th

Not much to say here, but it should be another classic battle between these two teams.

6. UCLA @ Texas, September 25th, ABC

We'll find out if the 45th Ranked Bruins are for real when they visit Austin, Texas. It should be a great game.

7. Nebraska @ Washington, September 18th

The list continues with 9th Ranked Nebraska visiting #46 Washington in Seattle. This will be a HUGE Statement Game for the Huskies. I would say that the Cornhuskers are definitely on Upset Alert.

8. Washington @ BYU, September 4th, CBS College Sports

46th Ranked Jake Locker and Company travel to Provo to take on the Cougars. The Huskies will be looking for payback after the infamous Celebration Penalty that cost them the game a few years ago.

9. Stanford @ Notre Dame, September 25th

Sleeper alert here. I think this will be one of the better matchups of the year. This will be the first big test for Quarterback Andrew Luck to see if he has what it takes to contend for the Heisman.

10. Houston @ UCLA, September 18th

Not much to say here. But it should be an interesting game.

11. Arizona State @ Wisconsin, September 18th

Should be an interesting game to see whether Arizona State is for real or not.

12. USC @ Hawaii, September 2nd, ESPN

Honestly cannot wait for this game. Pac-10 Team. Opening Night. National TV. And we'll see how Kiffin's Trojans do in a hostile atmosphere. Should be a good one.

13. USC @ Minnesota, September 18th

Should be a pretty good game. Not much else to say.

14. Louisville @ Oregon State, September 18th

Should be an interesting game to see if Louisville will have a good year. Also important for the Beavers to not overlook the Cardinals before the Boise State Game.

15. California @ Nevada, September 17th, ESPN2

Should be a pretty exciting Friday Night game. Not much else to say.

16. Colorado @ California, September 11th, FSN

Not much to drool about, but it should be an interesting game. Possible Pac-16 matchup in the future?

17. New Mexico @ Oregon, September 4th

Aw, our first chance to root against the Ducks. I doubt this one will result in an 19-8 loss though.

18. Syracuse @ Washington, September 11th

I would put the Dawgs on Upset Alert in this one.

19. Portland State @ Oregon, September 18th

I know this should be lower, but I love that Portland State has the (foot)balls to go to Autzen. That puts them in the Top 20.

20. Virginia @ USC, September 11th, FSN

Rounding out the Top 20 is an interesting matchup. UVA should keep it close for a quarter or two, but then the Trojans should pull away. Nevertheless, a good late night game to fall asleep to.

21. UCLA @ Kansas State, September 4th, ABC

This one is a 12:30 PM Kickoff. A nice lead in to the game of the day, Oregon State vs TCU.

22. Washington State @ SMU, September 18th, CBS College Sports

This might be the Cougars best chance at a win against an FBS Opponent this year. But SMU is on the rise. Should be an interesting one in the Lone Star State.

23. Wake Forest @ Stanford, September 18th, ESPN2

The Cardinal better not be looking ahead to Notre Dame the next week, or the tiny bit of respect they're getting will be flushed down the toilet.

24. Washington State @ Oklahoma State, September 4th, FSN

Some might say, Pac-10 vs Big 12, how can this not be higher? Because Wazzu will be lucky not to lose by 40.

25. Portland State @ Arizona State, September 4th

This will be a horrible game to watch, but at least the hometown Vikings are in it.

26. Arizona @ Toledo, September 3rd, ESPN

Nothing but something to watch on a Friday night. Arizona should blow them out.

27. UC Davis @ California, September 4th

Boring, just less boring then the four other options.

28. Montana State @ Washington State, September 11th

If Wazzu doesn't win this game, the Pac-10 should officialy disown the Cougars.

29. Sacramento State @ Stanford, September 4th

There are no words to describe the horribleness of this game.

30. Northern Arizona @ Arizona State, September 11th

Hey, at least it's City of Tempe Night. That's worth something, isn't it?

31. The Citadel @ Arizona, September 11th

Congratulations to the Wildcats, who have taken the title of Worst Pac-10 Non-Conference Game for the second straight year.

Agree? Disagree? Be sure to let me know in the Comments Section, and vote for which game should be Number One.

Go Beavers!