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Gainesville Regional, Game 1 Open Thread: Oregon State vs. Florida Atlantic

Gainesville Regional // Game 1

Oregon State vs. Florida Atlantic // 10am PT // Radio on 1550 in PDX

Postseason baseball is here!

Oregon State kicks off the Gainesville Regional today with Florida Atlantic, the regular season champions of the Sun Belt conference. You can brush up on their season or their player stats as you await the first pitch. 

Oregon State will be led on the mound by Greg Peavey (5-3, 3.69), who will face off with FAU's Mike Gipson (8-1, 3.40). As Jared Smith told BTD yesterday, Gipson is a experienced pitcher who has been unflappable on the mound this season, and has above average command of his breaking ball.

As with playoff baseball, the team that makes the least amount of mistakes will win this game. Neither team is an overpowering offensive club--they rely on the timely hit, as well as defense and pitching. One bobble, outstanding play, or play at the plate could be the difference in this game.

The weather could play an interesting role in this game, as the Beavers will not only be dealing with heat, but humidity. Also, there's a high threat of thunderstorms (and rain) near game time. The forecast shows 81° temperatures at 1pm, with 81% humidity and a 90% chance of precipitation.

Here's the place for you to talk about today's game. Today, I'm trying to balance listening to the game with attending my last day of high school... so my presence in the thread may be spotty at best.  But look for a game recap for me in the mid-afternoon, as we wrap up what happens today and prepare for tomorrow.

Videos to get you ready for today's game can be found after the break. 

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