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Connor's 2010 NCAA Tournament Regional Predictions

Well guys, it's here. The 2010 NCAA Tournament will begin tomorrow, and that means the entire nation will have their eyes fixed to GameTracker all weekend. In this post you will find my predictions for this year's Regionals. Next week, I'll have my Super Regional and College World Series Predictions Posted.

Read on from my picks after the break

I'll start at the Left Side of the Bracket, go from top to bottom, and then do the same thing on the Right Side. Link to the bracket is below.

Tempe Regional

1. Arizona State
2. San Diego
3. Hawaii
4. Milwaukee

An interesting regional, considering San Diego and Hawaii are pretty hot right now. Still, the #1 Ranked Sun Devils should cruise. Arizona State advances to Super Regionals

Fayetteville Regional

1. Arkansas
2. Washington State
3. Kansas State
4. Grambling

Arkansas is definitely the favorite here, but I think the Cougars could force a Game 7 on Monday. I think the Razorbacks pull it out in the end though. Arkansas advances to Super Regionals

Auburn Regional

1. Auburn
2. Clemson
3. Southern Miss
4. Jacksonville State

If you are looking for a team to upset Auburn, then I would skip over Clemson and look at Southern Miss. I think the Golden Eagles will control this Region up until Sunday, when Auburn will win and then beat USM again the next day. Auburn advances to Super Regionals

Atlanta Regional

1. Georgia Tech
2. Alabama
3. Elon
4. Mercer

Georgia Tech is miles ahead of all of these teams. Yellow Jackets advance easily. Georgia Tech advances to Super Regionals

Charlottesville Regional

1. Virginia
2. Mississippi
3. St. John's (NY)
4. VCU

Probably the most underrated regional of the tourney. All of these teams could give Virginia fits, too bad the Cavaliers are really good as well. UVA advances after beating Ole Miss in a 15 Inning Game 7. Virginia advances to Super Regionals

Norman Regional

1. Oklahoma
2. California
3. North Carolina
4. Oral Roberts

Some people say Cal and UNC will upset the Sooners, but I don't see it happening. Oklahoma advances in 6. Oklahoma advances to Super Regionals

Columbia Regional

1. South Carolina
2. Virginia Tech
3. Citadel
4. Bucknell

The first two seed advances, as Virginia Tech upsets the Gamecocks in Game 6. Virginia Tech advances to Super Regionals

Myrtle Beach Regional

1. Coastal Carolina
2. College of Charleston
3. N.C. State
4. Stony Brook

Out of the 16 Regionals, this is probably the weakest. But the College of Charleston might make Coastal Carolina a little nervous. Coastal Carolina advances to Super Regionals

Austin Regional

1. Texas
2. Rice
3. Louisiana-Lafayette
4. Rider

Texas and Rice should be fun to watch in the Championship Games, but the more talented Longhorns will advance. Texas advances to Super Regionals

Fort Worth Regional

1. TCU
2. Baylor
3. Arizona
4. Lamar

This Regional just gives me bad memories. Let's get it over with quickly. Arizona makes a run for it, but TCU ends up advancing. TCU advances to Super Regionals

Norwich Regional

1. Florida State
2. Connecticut
3. Oregon
4. Central Connecticut State

In my opinion, this is one of the best Regionals. FSU is good, and so is UCONN. But I think the Ducks agressive play will serve them well. Oregon beats Florida State in Game 6 to advance. Oregon advances to Super Regionals

Louisville Regional

1. Louisville
2. Vanderbilt
3. Illinois State
4. St. Louis

Vandy might be a little tough, but the Cardinals should advance easily. Louisville advances to Super Regionals

Los Angeles Regional

2. LSU
3. UC Irvine
4. Kent State

Obviously the best regional of the tourney. You've got a great and deep Bruin ball club, a hot LSU Team, and an always good UC Irvine squad. I think the Bruins and Tigers will battle it out in Game 7, but the Tigers will advance. LSU advances to Super Regionals

Fullerton Regional

1. Cal State Fullerton
2. Stanford
3. New Mexico
4. Minnesota

This ESPNU Regional will not disappoint. All four teams are good, but I think the Titans will end up winning in 7 Games. Cal State Fullerton advances to Super Regionals

Coral Gables Regional

1. Miami (Florida)
2. Texas A&M
3. Florida International
4. Dartmouth

Texas A&M can get hot, but I don't think they will be a real threat. Florida International is dangerous with their Made For ESPN Hitter, but they are not very good after that. I think that the Hurricanes will advance fairly easily. Miami (Florida) advances to Super Regionals

Gainesville Regional

1. Florida
2. Florida Atlantic
3. Oregon State
4. Bethune-Cookman

A very interesting regional down south. Florida is a great club, but so is Florida Atlantic and Oregon State. Expect even Bethune-Cookman to make a little noise. I think that the Beavers can force a seventh game, but in the end the Gators will advance. Florida advances to Super Regionals

Well, there you have it. Feel free to share any of your picks in the Comments Section. I'll see everyone tomorrow.

Go Beavers!