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Changes Coming To Pac-10 Media Day

New Commissioner Larry Scott has already made big waves with expanding the conference, getting better TV Contracts, and making the Pac-10 more relevant around the nation. But I don't think anyone expected this.

On July 27th, a Three Day Pac-10 Media Blitz around the nation will begin. First, Conference Officials and Coaches will head to the Big Apple, where Larry Scott will talk expansion, marketing initiatives, and a international marketing plan with major media outlets.

On July 28th, the group will head down to Bristol, Connecticut for some interviews with ESPN.

And on July 29th, the regular Pac-10 Media Day will take place with Players and Coaches. Only this time, instead of holding it at LAX, the event will take place at the Rose Bowl. And you can bet that the ESPN Cameras will be there as well.

What This Means For Oregon State

If Bob DeCarolis and Mike Riley want this to mean something, then it could mean an awful lot for Jacquizz Rodgers Heisman hopes.

Think about it, three days of not only hyping up the Beaver Running Back, but also hyping up the fact that the Beavers have three games on ESPN, all of them chances for a nation wide audience to see Quizz. And if you really want to go big time, Riley could bring Jacquizz to LA to field questions in front of the ESPN Cameras.

I'm telling you, I absolutely love Larry Scott. He is the perfect fit for the Pac-10.