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Oregon State vs TCU Score Predictions

NOTE FROM CONNOR-If you missed the introduction post, read it here: If we don't get many predictions, then we'll probably just bag the whole idea. We've got lots of other stuff coming up on BTD.

Here we go with the first installment of our 2010 Oregon State Game Predictions. After the break you will find my prediction. Make sure vote in the poll below and post your predictions in the Comments Section.

Oregon State-26, TCU-20

The Beavers jump out to an early 10-0 lead, but TCU comes back to tie it by Halftime. After scoring 10 Points each in the 3rd Quarter, Justin Kahut knocks in two Field Goals in the final period to give the Beavers a six point win.

Go Beavers!

NOTE-Check back on Thursday for the Louisville Game Predictions.