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Pac-10 Meeting Produces Few Nuggets

Pac-10 coaches and athletic directors met with commissioner Larry Scott on Wednesday at the Pac-10 meetings, but not a lot of news came out of the session, which was more of a "Meet & Greet" given the number of changes to staffing that have happened since Scott took over.

Scott did give an "update" on expansion, which continues to be a topic of interest for all conferences, but it amounted to what we have already heard, that Scott and crew are exploring all options, but nothing specific is anything more than a conversation topic, at least at this point.

Scott also attempted to curb speculation, with instructions to the coaches and ADs to NOT go forth and talk about it. Which, of course only fueled speculation, since that's all we have.

Realistically, a lot of ideas are being talked through, as should be the case, but the issue is complex enough that a lot of ideas need to be talked and thought through a lot in order to even get a comprehensive list of the pros and cons. The hope that clear direction would come at this point was mostly wishful thinking.

The most significant hard news to emerge might be that football traveling squad size for conference games will be increased slightly, from 64 to 70. Which brings the Pac-10 inline with the rest of the BCS conferences.

A good thing for players at the end of the depth chart, but another balance sheet adjustment for the teams on a tight budget, which includes Oregon St., Washington St., and Arizona. When this is the most significant thing to come out of the meeting, you know it was a essentially a quiet road trip.

One other piece of information out are the pairings for basketball for the Pac-10-Big XII Hardwood Classic series next season. Oregon St.'s game will be a visit to Colorado on December 4. It's a matchup that gives a glimpse at what might be should expansion come, since the Buffs are one of the leading candidates to be coming west.

Being on football Civil War day, the reality is most of Beaver Nation will barely even notice, though.

Washington and USC are the teams with the second games to fill out the schedule this year. The complete schedule is after the break.


Hardwood Series

November 27

USC at Nebraska

December 2

Missouri at Oregon
UCLA at Kansas
Arizona State at Baylor

December 3

Kansas State at Washington State

December 4

Oregon State at Colorado
California at Iowa State
Texas Tech at Washington

December 5

Texas at USC
Oklahoma at Arizona

December 11

Washington at Texas A&M

December 21

Stanford at Oklahoma State