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Who's Your Daddy? Beavers go 4-1 against the Ducks

In the aftermath of Wednesday's 2-1 win over the Ducks, I could only think of one thing. This post from Addicted To Quack back in April: This feels like a 1 on 1 Matchup between the big acomplished older brother against the small but rich younger brother. The younger one may have gotten the first basket, but the more deserving and talented older brother got the next four and won the game.

Now with that out of the way, my thoughts on the game.

  • The atmosphere was great. I loved that the Duck and Beaver Fans were seperate along the Base Lines. The Beaver Fans were awesome, especially at the end.
  • Matt Boyd Pitched great. He actually deserved the Win that time.
  • Stefen Romero played great. He had a few great throws WITH A BROKEN ARM.
  • The call that Casey got ejected on was terrible. Or "horrendous" as Mike Parker would say. It was obvious that he pulled the bat back from our horrible seats way in the Left Field Corner.
  • Mr. Self-Inflicted Drama, Kevin Rhoderick, had another good outing. He did Walk a batter, but he got the job done.
  • The last half inning was incredible. We came down from our bad seats to gt right into the Heart of Beaver Nation. It was loud, racous, and crazy. Especially after the diving catch to record the second out.
  • I can't believe they are turning PGE into a Soccer Stadium. It is a tremendous place to watch a Baseball Game, and I would highly reccomend going to some Portland Beaver games before the season is over.

Pictures from the Game after the break

View from our seats (via ConnorOSU)

Oregon State Bullpen (via ConnorOSU)

Andrew Susac at the plate (via ConnorOSU)

PGE Park Scoreboard (via ConnorOSU)

Andrew Susac laying down a bunt (via ConnorOSU)

Postgame Celebration (via ConnorOSU)

Game Ticket (via ConnorOSU)

Go Beavers!