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Beavers Win Baseball Civil War

I'm a little surprised to see the lack of chatter on here last night. I mean what, did everyone suddenly get social lives or something?! I mean, it's not like ALL of us were voted Mr. Bowman (Jake) and now have a calendar full of exciting social obligations! Come one people. Let's check out of the real world and check on to Building The Dam!

In case you weren't at the game, watching the game on TV or listening on AM or FM frequencies, the Beavers improved to 4-1 on the year against the #21 Ducks, beating them 2-1 at PGE Park. It's a shame we'll never see baseball downtown again as we make way for Minor Major League Soccer and the "upgrades" that will allegedly come with it.

The GT has their rundown, as does The Oregonian, The RG and The Statesman. Another tight one run game and a win that Oregon State needed to keep post season hopes alive. Oh, and Pat Casey got tossed...



With the final series of the regular season ahead, what are you thoughts? Put 'em in the comments with any interesting links you might have. GO BEAVERS!