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Beavers Looking to Prove Themselves in Tempe

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Oregon State at Arizona State  /  6:30 p.m.  /  Packard Stadium, Tempe

A sweep against Oregon and a series win against Washington have put the Beavers back on the right track after three series losses, but a series win this weekend against Arizona State in Tempe would go a long way towards getting the Beavers consideration for the NCAA tournament. 

Oregon State currently sits at 27-19 on the year, and 9-12 in the Pac-10 conference. They sit seven games off the pace of Arizona State (16-5), but just two games out of a tie for third. 

Right hander Greg Peavey will be on the mound for the Beavers in the series opener, facing off with ASU's unbeaten righty Seth Blair. 

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