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Is a miracle needed? Beavs drop another game. Last WSU game today.

I decided to post this to the front page instead of just a comment response or a fan post to both introduce today's game, and then after the break add my two cents about the season so far since there have been some interesting comments about talent versus needing miracles going on in Jake's previous post.

So first things first, and the Beavs dropped YET another game yesterday to the Cougars 12 to 4.  WSU added its name to the list of adding another big inning against the Beavs (eight runs in the fourth inning) and this takes the OSU losing streak to seven games.  In a game where the opposing team had a struggling pitcher and the Beavs had their chances to make some noise happen early it was a very disappointing effort.

To say that today's game is a big one is a bit of an overstatement and understatement.  As far as overall record and since they have already lost the series it isn't a total all or nothing game, BUT at the same time for the well being of this team heading into more road games and just for the overall state of the season right now the Beavs need desperately to find some sort of spark.

Today's game starts at noon with the Beavs starting Sam Gaviglio (1-1, 5.66) and WSU has not announced the starter.

Go Beavs!

And after the break is more my "commentary" about the state of the 2010 season.  Feel free to chime in!

In Jake's post we have had some comments going on about the team's potential to turn this season around and on the other side of opinion needing a miracle, and there has been a bit of this previously with some of discussion I have had with mckalk.

In my opinion miracle is a bit much at this point in time for as Jake and Connor have both noted there is time, the team still actually has a good overall record, and the I do believe like Jake and Connor the team has talent.

BUT at the same time I think there should be some big time alarm bells going off.  I don't want to rip apart a program that I absolutely love, but the coaching staff needs to figure something out soon or it will be indeed be an embarrassing and very disappointing year.  Take one of the smaller issues and base running.  Sure this is a mental deal by the players, but it is also a coaching deal when it becomes this much of a problem across the line up. 

Overall though what most distresses me is the pitching has gone in the hole big time and I don't see how the staff is making any type of good adjustments in either game pitching changes (Robles seemed left in there way too long yesterday) or in individual pitching adjustments happening through what I assume is a ton of practice of late with the pitching coaches.

At the same time though I'm in the place where I do think, and have witnessed, that the Beavs can be a very good and competitive team.  Sure we didn't play all that tough of a non-conference schedule but we still beat some fine to good teams, and at times with some excellent displays of batting and/or pitching talent.

BUT again at the same time I'm a bit dismayed by the conference play since the UCLA series (which just seemed to take the wind out of this team for some reason), AND it isn't going to get any easier playing the likes of Cal, UO, ASU, UA, and UW.  But at the same time if the team can actually get it turned around against those teams they will be very ready to play postseason.

We are very much at a reckoning point I think, and today, and the next week, is going to be the point in which the 2010 season is salvaged and turned around or goes into the can as one of Casey's worse seasons.