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OI Foundation "Miracle Wolf Scholarship Fund"

From Connor: I don't know if you guys go to Addicted To Quack very often, but they are raising money for the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation, which is a disease that one of the members' sons has. So far they have held many Ebay Auctions to donate, and now they have set up a donation center to send kids with the disease to the OI National Conference in Portland, Oregon.

I have copied Matt Daddy's Post from ATQ below, and if you would like to donate you can do so by clicking the link below. Matt Daddy is also giving a free Oregon Ducks T Shirt to all the kids they send, but he told me that if we donate enough money he would buy a couple of Beaver Shirts as well.


There has been some interest by the members that if you were not able to win one of the incredibly exciting auction items (and Grandma and Grandpa Gorby, you better know I'm coming after my football) that people were interested in contributing to the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation (

I sent an email to the Oregon group leader to find out if there was a way that we as a community could help out with this noble cause.  Needless to say, she was very excited that a group of misfits like ourselves were even remotely interested in being philanthropic, also, she is a huge Duck fan and was even more excited that Duck fans would be involved with this. 

Her suggestion to me was that if we were interested we would be more than welcome to come to a "meet and greet" of OI families in the Portland area, and if we were so inclined there are a number of people that really want to go to the National Conference, but their budgets are not able to handle the $150 per person registration.

So here is my challenge.  I'm pretty sure that if we rally together we can easily send one person who is in need to the National Conference to meet with fellow OI attendees.  My challenge is can we send two?  Can we as a small community of Duck fans who care about people raise enough money to send a child or teen with a parent to a place for three days where they can meet other people living with this disease,  consult medical professionals, and listen to experts on how to "Live Well with an Unbreakable Spirit?" 

Can we? 

I think we can. 

No donation is too small.  It will all add up to a greater cause.  Click on the link below and give what you can.   I will make sure the funds reach Julie of the OI Foundation and goes to a family in need of this special gift.

Also, besides the contribution I am making, I will make sure that however many people we send they will also receive a brand new Oregon Ducks T-shirt which I will deliver at the "meet and greet" for them to wear with pride.  Now make me buy a lot of T-shirts!!!!

In order to contribute through the link below you need to have a paypal account.  If you would like to contribute another way send me an email through my profile and we can make arrangements to do so.

I have left the contributions open until April, 29th so that we can take advantage of the early enrollment discount for the OIF National Conference.  Send emails to your family and friends, paste this on your Facebook or MySpace thingy, add this to your blog, and let's stand side by side with the people who are showing us what it truly means to Win the Day.