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OSU Baseball takes first SC game in ten innings

Well took them ten innings to get the bats really going in a pretty hard fought first Pac-10 game against USC, but the Beavs used a three run tenth inning to beat the Trojans 4 to 1 last night (full box score here).

I didn't really see the whole thing, 7pm Thursday was a bit of a strange game time, but looked to be a defensive and pitching battle between the two conference opponents.  It was a funny game this way though in that there was some very good defense, such as the Beavs turned a couple really big double plays (none more important than Rhoderick getting a double play ball pitched in USC's tenth inning at bat to erase a lead off single and basically take care of SC), but at the same time the game had five total errors.  OSU had two errors and USC had three errors, and all of them were pretty costly to both teams, and luckily SC's errors were a just a little bit more so.

The Beavs got nine hits, but did not capitalize on some great scoring opportunities, such as a bases loaded situation with what I think started out with no outs.  They got some nice clutch hitting from Dylan Jones, Matt Boyd, Parker Berberet, and Rob Folsom though and in the first conference game of the year it wasn't a terrible outing.  But a sloppy bit of base running led to the Beavs again getting doubled up at an important time, and nine LOB will need to be improved as the season moves on.

The pitching for both sides was pretty awesome really with all the pitchers, OSU and USC, combining for 28 strikeouts!  Rhoderick got the win, but Peavey pitched very well and limited SC to only one run when the Trojans did have their own opportunities, and Sitton did very well in relief.  Rhoderick was solid in closing the game, although he didn't overpower the batters he did what he needed to do, especially when he came in the ninth with two outs and a runner in scoring position, and always good to see him in that role again.

For me this one was really all about the W.  There are areas to improve upon for sure, but also it was not a bad way to start conference play against an opponent the Beavs have had problems with for years now and on the road.

The two teams play again tonight, and first pitch is scheduled for 7:00pm with Tanner Robles (4-2, 2.41) starting for the Beavs against USC right-hander Ben Mount (2-1, 3.54).

Go Beavs!