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Baseball Open Thread: OSU vs Stanford (Game Two)

Okay, since this is a public blog I will tone down my language, but what in the heck was that Friday game?   All around pitching goes in the poop hole and gives one of the worse performances I've seen in awhile.  Stanford came ready that is for sure, but holy moly most of that has to come back to the Beavs.

Vent out of the way now, but I'm actually setting this up a bit for that loss makes today's game even more important in my opinion.  I was hoping for a sweep, but now say we are needing this series win more than ever.  Sure teams go through slumps and the Beavs as a team look to be in one now, but as close as the conference is this season we can't let series (especially ones at home) get away from us.

Today's game is scheduled to start at 2:00 pm with the Beavs starting Tanner Robles (4-3, 2.25) and Stanford starting right-hander Jordan Pries (3-1, 3.06).

Like last night I won't be online much during the game, but post your thoughts and updates here and let's bring this game home!

Go Beavs!