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Al Reser Passes Away




As reported through OregonLive, Al Reser--THE Oregon State booster--has passed away unexpectedly overnight in Florida. He was only 74. Here's a link to O-Live's story.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Reser family. Mr. Reser has meant so much to the university and the State of Oregon, and not just in terms of his wealth.

Additional quotes and links:

Mike Riley talked about how much he would miss his interaction with Reser, who built Reser's Fine Foods into a nearly-billion dollar business and then spent the rest of his life giving back.

"It's a sad day for the Beavers," Riley said of the man he described as a good friend. "Since we've been back here he's basically been synonymous with the football program."

"He made some nice calls congratulating me after some games, which I've always really cherished. It meant a lot that he took the time to call."

"We all knew the impact he's made on our lives. Really, he changed our lives here, totally."

The Daily Barometer's article is here.

Oregon St. University President Ed Ray said "Al Reser was one of the most successful and most caring people I have ever known. Al loved Beaver Nation, and he was loved in return."

Beaver tight end John Reese's Tweet Tuesday afternoon summed up the team's sentiment quite nicely:

"Shoutout to Al Reser. We appreciate everything that has been given to us. Thank you."