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Baseball Open Thread: OSU vs. Utah Valley (Coca-Cola Classic Game Three)

After a disappointing loss to the Sun Devils (OSU had plenty of opportunities in those last two innings) the Beavs have a chance to bounce back and exact some revenge for an ugly loss to Utah Valley in 2008.  Yes long memories for me, but I remember well the Beavs looked to have the season nicely turned around that year with a great series win over UCLA to then the next game fall to a 17 and 36 team.  Yeah okay so we got revenge pretty much in 2009, but I guess my point is here is hoping the Beavs don't fall asleep today to a team that doesn't seem like a great match up, but one that is still predicted to win their conference.

First pitch is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. and the game will be live on Beaver Nation Online, GameTracker, and some selected radio stations.

I have not seen any starting pitching announcements for either team yet.

Talk up today's baseball game here and also be sure to talk about today's important last regular season basketball game here too!

Go Beavs!