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Elite Eight Day 2 Open Thread

It all comes down to this. The final two spots in the Final Four will be decided today, and the excitement will be higher than ever. Stick around to talk about the games here. I am currently in Phoenix to enjoy some sun, so I'll be in the thread off and on. Below you will find the schedule for today's games, along with my Predictions and an Updated Look at the BTD Readers Bracket Challenge Standings.


Tennessee vs Michigan State, 11:20 AM Pacific, CBS

Baylor vs Duke, 2:05 PM Pacific, CBS


Michigan State

BTD Readers Bracket Challenge Standings

1st                   Tehwinrar                                  72 Points
2nd                  Lost Gods                                  69 Points
3rd                   Finger Wave                             66 Points
4th                   Mikey's Pirate Dog                    62 Points
5th                   beaver n leave her                   61 Points
T6                    I HATE YOUR DUCKS                59 Points
T6                    RVM's Working Document        59 Points
T6                    I love my Thugs                        59 Points
T8                    I HATE YOUR DUCKS                59 Points
9th                   Jake Bertalotto                         58 Points
10th                 OSU 90                                     57 Points
T11                  Yup gonna lose this one           56 Points
T11                  A Bomb                                    56 Points
T13                  Who Have A Winner?               55 Points
T13                  Kansas All The Way                  55 Points
T13                  Levi G                                       55 Points
17th                 Where's My Macbook                51 Points
18th                 Big E's                                       48 Points

Rivalry To Keep Your Eye On: Connor-Where's My Macbook vs RVM-RVM's Working Document

--Connor (