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Baseball Open Thread: OSU vs Portland (Game Two)

Beavs are 2 and 0 this weekend so far with a couple come from behind victories over Utah and Portland yesterday.

Today is the second game against Portland with Tanner Robles pitching for the Beavs and LHP Scott Burris pitching for Portland.

I'm happy we're two and zip for the tournament, but a little disappointed with the overall showing so far.  The Utah game was a good one, but really the Portland win was a bit lucky and a better (and deeper pitching) team would have taken the Beavs to task for the lackluster performance they had.  I realize that Casey and company are trying some new looks and all and it was a long day, but here's to a much more solid overall performance today.

I'll again only be around a little bit, if at all, and realize it is a pretty nice Sunday afternoon (and everyone else is at the game no?), but pop in here if you want to talk up the game a bit!  And let's also hope that SBN people have the site fixed up so it doesn't go down on us again!

Go Beavs!