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NCAA Tournament Selection Show Open Thread

Today marks the beginning of what many consider to be the best time of the year to be a sports fan. The weather is getting nicer, the NBA season is coming down the home stretch, baseball spring training is starting, but most importantly, March Madness officially kicks off at 3PM when the 65 team field will be revealed on CBS.

Craig Robinson hopes that his team will be featured on the Selection Sunday show at some point in the near future, but this year, the Beavers best bet looks like a berth into the College Basketball Invitational, where the team will look to defend their 2009 title.

At this point last season, the Beavers were 13-17 on the year. This year, they're 14-17.

With Washington defeating California in a very thrilling Pac-10 Tournament Championship game that I actually slept through but DVR'd later, the Huskies have guaranteed themselves a spot in the field, and Cal will likely join them.

The Pac-10's next best bet would be Arizona State, who sits at 22-10, but the Sun Devils' frustrating loss to Stanford in the Pac-10 tournament quarterfinals did nothing to impress the selection committee. Also, the tournament win by Washington and Minnesota's impressive run through the Big Ten Tournament means there likely isn't a spot for ASU in the field of 65.

As for the Beavers, they're awaiting a decision for the College Basketball Invitational, who would probably be glad to have Craig Robinson and the Beavers back again in 2010.

Once again, the selection show airs on CBS starting at 3PM Pacific.

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