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Pac-10 Tourney Pool Standings After Wednesday

Here are the standings after Game 1:

Pac-10 Tournament Pool Standings 

Place                 Name                          Points

T1                      ConnorOSU                1
T1                      RVM                          1
T1                      C_hawkfan                  1
T4                      Jake Bertalotto            0
T4                      ArbyOSU                    0
T4                      The Orange Joe           0

In the Pac-10 Tournament Play-In-Game, Oregon defeated Washington State 82-80 in an Overtime thriller. E.J. Singler tipped in Tajuan Porter's missed layup to force Overtime, and the Ducks held on there for the win. Oregon will play California today at 2:30 PM Pacific.

Go Beavers!