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Pac-10 First Half Review

We've reached the halfway point of Pac-10 play, and it's time to take a look back at the conference. Answer the questions below and post your thoughts in the comments section. (Hat tip to CGB for the idea)

1) Which team impressed you the most in the Pac-10? Which team surprised you the most?

2) Who are the teams that can give OSU trouble in their rematches and why?

3) Which players are you terrified of playing again?

4) What will be the key to the Beavers in the second half of conference matchups?

5) Who's going to win the conference?

My answers after the break

1a. The team that impressed me the most was Arizona State. Their Matchup Zone is tenacious, and they've got some pretty good shooters. Don't be surpised if they make a run in the Pac-10 Tourney.

1b. The team that has surprised me the most is UCLA. They're actually tied for First, but that's not saying much in the Pac-10. Their style of play is ugly and not fun to watch. With that said, I think if they could catch fire late in the year they could be dangerous. It's just that type of year in th Pac-10.

2. There's only one team. Arizona State. They constantly have our number and this year is no different. Their Matchup Zone is horrible for us because we can't shoot. Not to mention we have to play them down in Tempe. I'm definitely not looking forward to that one.

3. Ty Abbot. Just like the whole Sun Devil team, this guy constantly gives us fits. He dropped 21 against us in Corvallis. If we have any shot of upsetting them down there, we need to stop him.

4. The key is simple, but not necessarily achievable. We need to shoot the ball better. Haynes is the only one that we can rely on when we need a big three or something. The rest of the guys need to step it up. No more 35 Point Games.

5. Not California. Not Arizona. Arizona State will win for all of the reasons above.