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National Signing Day 2010 Open Thread

As far as the offseason goes, today is right up there on the list of most important days for the Oregon State football coaching staff-- it's National Signing Day. It's the day in which we find out if the high school players who have verbally committed to Oregon State actually sign on the dotted line, and it's the day we find out if any of those players decide to bolt to other schools. 

At Oregon State, this is generally an exciting but low-profile day, as the Beavers are known for assembling teams full of two and three star recruits, and matching up well against teams who bring in the high-profile four and five star guys. Of course, the Beavers hope to land several big-name recruits, but for the most part, these are guys who you probably won't hear about for another year or two as they learn the system and climb the depth chart. 

As the letters of intent pour in over the Valley Football Center fax machine and thy are announced to the public, feel free to share any excitement or disappointment in the comment thread below. See the two links below. 

Oregon State Signing Day Central Signing Day StoryStream - up to the minute updates from around the country

If all goes according to plan, Building the Dam will also have representation tonight at the annual recruiting dinner, and a brief recap of that event will be delivered to you in the near future. 


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