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Tennessee Series Recap

The Beavers went 2-1 in Corvallis to take their second series win of the 2010 season. The Beavers ended up outscoring the Volunteers 20-10, with a great Offensive showing on Friday and a great Defensive showing on Sunday. Now let's take a look at Game 1.

In the first game of the series the Beavers won, 17-1. Although for the first 2.5 Innings, the game looked like it was going to be a close pitcher's duel. But in the 3rd Inning, the Beavers got their bats going. All with two outs, the Beavers recorded a HBP, a Stolen Base, a Walk, 3 Doubles, and a Single. Everything added up to a 5-0 Oregon State lead. But the Beavers weren't done there. In the 4th Inning, all with two outs, the Beavers added on six more runs lead by a Stefen Romero Single. Oregon State took an 11-0 lead into the 5th Inning.

In the Fifth, Tennessee managed to get on the board with a Zach Osborne Home Run to cut the Beavers lead to 10. In the 6th Inning, Oregon State added two more runs thanks to a Keith Jennette RBI and a Tennessee Error which scored Andrew Susac. In the 7th Inning, Parker Berberet brought home Jared Norris on a Sacrifice Fly to give the Beavers a 14-1 lead. The Madness finally stopped in the 8th Inning, when the Beavers crossed the plate three final times to make the score 17-1.

The time of game was 3 hours and 15 minutes and the attendance was 1,850. Now let's take a look at Game 2.

In the second game of the series the Beavers lost, 9-2. Tennessee got things started in the second inning with a Matt Duffy 2 RBI Double to give the Volunteers a 2-0 lead. For the next 5 Innings, both Defenses played superb Baseball. But in the 8th Inning, the Beavers Pitching imploded leading the way for 7 Tennessee runs. The Half Inning started with a Chris Fritts Double and it didn't end until a Cody Stubbs Groundout 25 Minutes later.

With the Beavers in desperation mode, Stefen Romero hit a 2 Run Homer into Left field to make the score 9-2. But it was too little too late, and the game would end three at bats later.

The time of game was 2 hours and 55 minutes and the attendance was 2,360. Now let's take a look at Game 3.

In the final game of the series the Beavers won, 1-0. It was the kind of game Defensive Lovers have dreams about, with both Pitchers and Defenses playing great Baseball. The game remained scoreless until the 7th Inning, when Parker Berberet Singled in Brandon Hayes for the go ahead and only run of the game. Beaver Pitcher Greg Peavey pitched a Complete Game Shutout, and he only gave up 3 Hits.

The time of game was 2 hours and 5 minutes and the attendance was 2,215.

Overall, I thought the Beavers played some great Baseball this weekend. The Offense was there on Friday, and for 24 out of 27 Innings, the Defense was superb. The Beavers need to just keep winning Series, and I think we'll fing ourselves very happy come May.

Next up for the Beavers is the Surprise Tournament in Surpise, Arizona. While down there, they will face UC Riverside, Arizona State, Utah Valley, and Cal Poly. UC riverside is 5-1, Arizona State is 6-0, Utah Valley is 4-3, and Cal Poly is 3-3.

                                                                                  Go Beavs!