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Baseball Open Thread: vs Tennessee, Game 1

No idea if anyone is out there on this Friday night, but noticed no game thread for the first home baseball game.  Right now the Beavs are up 11 to 1 on Tennessee in the first of three games for the Papé Grand Slam.

Beavs scored five in the third with (I think) three doubles and scored all five with two outs, and then scored six in the fourth.  OSU has nine total hits.  Tennessee got one run off a HR.  Tyler Waldron started and still is pitching, and with this lead isn't having many issues.

They just finished the top of the sixth and the Beavs are up with Smith leading off with another hit (Tyler Smith is leading the way going 2 for 3 so far with 3 RBIs), so almost done (though it is over really isn't it?), so if you want to gab a bit feel free to use this thread.  I'll be on and off.