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Game 23 Open Thread: Oregon State at Arizona State

Oregon State at Arizona State / 5:30 PM / No TV

The Beavers are looking to make a move in the Pac-10, and they hope to start with a win tonight against the Arizona State Sun Devils. Read the game preview here.

Tonight's starters, which are the same as they were for last week's Civil War victory: Jared Cunningham, Seth Tarver, Roeland Schaftenaar, Calvin Haynes, Omari Johnson.

Halftime Update: After Arizona State jumped out to a quick 5-0 lead, the Beavers bounced back in next few minutes to take a 15-12 lead at one point. But the Beavers, who started off the game shooting very poorly from the field, went dry again-- and ended up scoring just three points in the final 8:23 of the first half. Arizona State went on a 12-0 run during that stretch, and ASU leads it 26-18 at the break. The Beavers were 6-of-23 shooting in the half, and ASU was 10-of-24.

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