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BTD Bowl Bash : Poinsettia

The Bowl Season continues tonight with Navy and San Diego State in the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. Below is a quick preview of the game with my pick at the end. Along with my pick, I will post the favorite and flip a coin for the game. Whichever method has the most points at the end of Bowl Season, I will use for next year's games.

Poinsettia Bowl, Navy (9-3) vs San Diego State (8-4, 5-3 in the MWC), 5 PM on ESPN

Why You Should Watch:
Because Navy Quarterback Ricky Dobbs is a master of running the option. Also, one of the rare occasions where a team playing in it's home stadium may be out-numbered by fans of the opponent, thanks to the considerable presence of the Navy in San Diego.

Breakdown: The only category San Diego State prevailed in was SOS, while Navy had a better record in their last three games, less Turnovers, and less penalties. The key stat was Interceptions, where the Midshipmen only had five to SDSU's 14. Things like that can be deciding factors in Bowl Games, so that's why I like Navy.

                        Poinsettia                         Current Total to Date

Odds              San Diego State                5

Coin               Navy                                  3               

Connor           Navy (14)                           2 (66)