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BTD Bowl Bash : New Mexico, Humanitarian, New Orleans

Believe it or not, it's bowl season already. Time to ignore your family and watch 34 meaningless games, plus one that counts (WAR EAGLE).

The Bowl Season kicks off this morning with BYU and UTEP in the New Mexico Bowl, followed by Fresno State-Northern Illinois in the Humanitarian, and finally Ohio and Troy in the New Orleans Bowl. Below I will break down each game, and reveal my picks at the end. Along with my picks, I will post the favorite and flip a coin for each game. Whichever method has the most points at the end of Bowl Season, I will use for next year's games.

New Mexico Bowl, BYU vs UTEP

Why You Should Watch:
Because if you don't watch the first one, you can't watch them all. Plus, the Beavers will face BYU next season, so fans should use this as a scouting opportunity.

Breakdown: When it comes to picking Bowl Games, I use five formulas: SOS, How the teams fared in their last three games, Turnovers, Penalties, and Motivation.

BYU won in SOS, last three games, and Penalties, and UTEP won in Turnovers. Both teams should be pretty motivated to make a Bowl Game, so I'm picking BYU.

Rest of the preview after the break

Humanitarian Bowl, Fresno State vs Northern Illinois

Why You Should Watch: Because for some reason, Fresno State's games are always intense and come down to the wire.

Breakdown: Both teams are very even, but NIU's Head Coach Jerry Kill recently took the Minnesota job. Whenever a team loses their head coach, there's a 99% chance that their opponent will win. That's why I have Fresno State, but only with 15 Confidence Points.

New Orleans Bowl, Ohio vs Troy

Why You Should Watch: No reason other then for Ohio's Mascot, Rufus the Bobcat. Rufus went into the Horseshoe earlier this year and downright assaulted Brutus the Buckeye.

Breakdown: Both teams' SOS, record in last three games, number of turnovers, and motivation is the same, with Ohio only winning on penalty yards. I've got the Bobcats in this one, but only with a confidence of 8.

                        New Mexico            Humanitarian               New Orleans              Current Total to Date

Odds              BYU                          Northern Illinois           Troy                              0

Coin               BYU                          Northern Illinois            Ohio                             0               

Connor           BYU (31)                   Fresno State (15)           Ohio (8)                        0 (0)