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Q&A With Colonial Hoops

Before we tip-off tomorrow night's game, we decided to get a little Pre-Game chat going with Colonial Hoops, a George Washington Colonials blog. We asked Andrew Wiseman some questions about tonmorrow's game, and his responses are below. Enjoy!

Q. Who has been the best player so far the Colonials? Who should Beaver fans be looking out for?

A. Man, it's hard to say. It seems like nobody is consistently good (or even a factor) for us this year, and everybody's figuring out their roles. Freshman Nemanja Mikic had one game where he hit 7 threes, but other times disappears, while Tony Taylor is usually the most solid and is the only player scoring in double figures. Dwayne Smith and David Pellom have some flashes of brilliance (well, not brilliance, but good play.) Joseph Katuka sometimes gets some good post moves. But honestly, who knows.

Q. George Washington is usually an alright to pretty good team each year, yet the Colonials have started out the season 3-5 against relatively easy opponents. What's been the main problem so far?

A. What hasn't been! Our three point defense has been atrocious, and it seems like the players don't have roles down -- nobody has picked up the role to be a scorer. The offense has also been really poor, usually just passing it around the perimeter hoping somebody does something. There's no slashing and they usually settle for crummy shots.

Star Damian Hollis graduated and the team also lost rising sophomore Lasan Kromah to injury, who scored 11.8 per game last year and would have been the highest returning scorer. They were really going to rely on him. If they play what I consider to be GW basketball, pressing and trapping and fast breaks, things might improve.

Q. What must happen for GW to return to postseason play?

A. A meteor hitting every other A-10 city.

Rest of the Q&A after the break

Q. Which newcomer will have/has had the biggest impact for the Colonials?

A. Freshman Nemanja Mikic. So far he's just a shooter, but he's been able to light some fires sometimes.

Q. Did you guys lose anyone from last year's CBI team, and if so, were they key player(s)?

A. Yes, unfortunately. As already noted Kromah and Damian Hollis, who was the leading scorer, rebounder, shot blocker, etc etc. He was one of the better players in the past 10 years I'd say. Clutch, a motivator, could slash and shoot.

Q. Predictions for the game?

A. At least we'll have fond memories of the First Family coming to GW last season. Oregon State 75 - GW 55.

Go Beavers!