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Pac-10 Basketball Pick'Em Standings: Week 4

The fourth week of the Pac-10 Hoops season is in the books, along with the fourth week of the Pac-10 Pick'Em. In case you missed our ealrier posts, the Pac-10 Basketball Pick'Em includes nine SB Nation Pac-10 Blogs and is run by Patrick Evans of Arizona Desert Swarm.

So here are the standings after Week 4. Make sure to root on Building the Dam throughout the week in our open thread.

Week 4 Standings

1.  'UW Dawgpound' (53-13)
2.  'Building the Dam' (52-14)
2.  'Rule of Tree' (52-14)
4.  'Coug Center' (51-15)
5.  'AZ Desert Swarm' (49-17)
6.  'Bruins Nation' (46-20)
7.  'Addicted to Quack' (46-17)
8.  'California Golden Blogs' (45-18)
9.  'House of Sparky' (39-16)